Bitcoin Doubler Software Features

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Manual Fake Transaction Entry
Creating a fake manual bitcoin transaction on Bitcoin doubler script using Bitcoin doubler script control panel is simple and totally looks like an original transaction.
Referral Commission
Our Doubler script has its own referrals system integrated right into it. BTC Doubler generates a referral code for each of your investments and rewards sponsor, when a new signup is created with that referral code.
Promotional Tools
Promotion is the aspect of marketing for the site, we have built in promotional banners with referral code.So every member have their own referral link and make it simple for new members to join
Responsive Layout
Our Cryptocurrency doubler script has a responsive layout that will respond to your screen width and make content appearance is perfect on all devices, from large desktop screens to mobile phones and tablets.
Faster and Smart Search
The search results in our bitcoin software are provided faster and are more relevant. Site Admin can find what they are looking for with less search queries.
Helpful Customer Support
Our support is always noted by our customers as fast, helping and professional. We care about our clients and do our best to make easier for you, providing effective troubleshooting.
Built in CMS
Use the CMS in the admin panel to add more relevant content or make announcements. Our built-in CMS is a simple and effective tool for providing additional information to your visitors.
Its important to know that how many transactions – Deposits that are made in your bitcoin doubler website.Reports of successful payments can be reviewed from the admin panel. Which it shows all the transaction list and details as well as the timer ount with BTC confirmation count also. It includes filtering tools as well for displaying.
Custom Admin panel
We have greatly included a wide variety of options and settings to provides maximum flexibility to help you create a bitcoin doubler script.
Detailed Statistics
Detailed search statistics allows you to track complete statistics of search based on keywords, engines and time period. This could help you to get information about your search engine growth and user trends.
One Click Installation
Bitcoin Doubler Script is provided with Installation wizard for easy and quick website Installation and setup. Once you have uploaded your files all you have to do is run Installer and let it take care of the rest.
Search engine optimized
The Bitcoin Doubler Script has been built using semantic HTML5 code and css allowing search engines crawl and index your web page easily.
Turn Maintenance Mode On/Off
Our Crypto Doubler Bitcoin script has built-in Maintenance mode, this setting takes the web site offline or places it back online. It is useful if you are making major changes to the web site such as an upgrade.
Database Backup/Restore
Cryptocurrency doubler script provides a convenient method of backing up sites database, and restoring sites from those backups.
A CAPTCHA can reduce the amount of spam on your website. So we have implemented Captcha in double bitcoin script to differentiate between ‘real’ and ‘fake’ traffic. Thus, they don’t provide a barrier to entry for real visitors.
BTC Automatic API
We focus on making all procedures as easy and flexible as possible for users. Bitcoin doubler Script has deposit and payout process is fully Automated using Coinpayments API.Fully atuomated and it is instant.
Cashout limits & management
Minimum deposit limit can be setup from admin panel, If any member deposit below than that amount then payout will not be processed for them.

Server Requirements
Bitcoin doubler Script requires:
Linux/Unix/Windows OS
PHP 5.3 or higher
MySQl 5.0 or greater
In addition, some features of the modules and components used in a script may require:
mcrypt support
GD library support
cURL library support
Cron Jobs
We want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase from us. We provide free installation on every script that you purchased from us. Need any type of support don\\\\\\\\\\\\’t hesitate to contact us.
Free Installation


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